Sara RabkinSara Rabkin was 14 when she had her first dress made and knew she wanted to be a designer. It was many years before a twist of fate finally turned the dream into a reality.

When an invitation to the 2006 Golden Globes arrived, it became her mission to walk the red carpet wearing a dress she had designed herself.

After meeting many pattern makers, she discovered a great talent who shared her inspiration and understood her vision. She was on her way.

Los Angeles, January 2006. Photographers’ flashes lit up the red carpet, and she was wearing her dress (as shown). Sienna Miller even came over to tell her how pretty she looked.

The experience left her with the passion and desire to leave architecture and commit her heart and soul to the creation of her collection. Yet even though her focus turned from architecture to fashion, the label carries the name of her final architectural project—her home.

Company Profile

The made in Canada brand—TwentyCluny—is unique, not only to North America, but also to the rest of the world. The garments embrace the female form and accentuate a woman’s beauty through refined silhouettes. The creator, Sara Rabkin, envisions a style that speaks luxury, sophistication and modernity—everything that defines today’s woman.

TwentyCluny is a line that surrounds the global woman in prestige and style. The success of TwentyCluny has been attracting the attention of hollywood glam such as Megan Fox and Sara Jessica Parker.